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Exterior doors on Jacksonville homes can create a look of elegance whether you reside at the Beach, uptown, downtown or anywhere around town. Our exterior doors are expertly handcrafted from the finest components and can be custom built in the style and size that you need. Beautiful exterior doors from Dream Doors™ will not only give style to the look of your home, but will add a feeling of warmth and hospitality. Please continue to browse our website and let us know how we can help with your selection for replacement doors, front doors, French doors, patio doors or decorative glass entrance doors.

Changes to state building codes in Florida now require that all doors must have a permit on-site before any installation work is completed. We understand the importance of ensuring your exterior doors meet the new laws for hurricane compliance. As a Certified Building Contractor, Dream Doors™ meets all State requirements and offers our homeowners a full 3-year warranty on exterior door installations. Our professional installers will also check for any unforeseen problems that may exist like wood rot, termite damage or warped door jambs. In the event issues are uncovered, we'll advise you as to the best solutions.

Choosing Dream Doors™ to install your exterior doors can also help prevent future problems. We use a vinyl jamb which not only eliminates wood rot and termite damage, but provides a higher degree of security from break-ins. Crooks know how to kick a door in the right place to gain entrance into your home by splintering a wood door jamb. Our vinyl units provide a more durable structure and produce a better seal to help keep insects and lizards out of your home. We also screw our jambs together as opposed to using staples like most other door installation companies. Give us a call today at (904) 880-7778 to speak directly with a professional installer.

I would like to start by saying "thank you" for assisting me in such a timely manner. Your staff was very professional, helpful, kind and considerate to my needs. Although the price for the door inserts were slightly more than I expected, because of the service I received and the extreme quality of the product, it was well worth it. The technician that installed the inserts went out of his way and provided a little extra service by re-adjusting and aligning my doors. He even repaired a sticking lockset. Because of this extra effort, my doors are functioning better than ever, basically making my old doors perform like new. I cannot thank you enough. I am very pleased with the craftsmanship, quality and value I have received from Dream Doors!

— Allen L. Dixie

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