Why Buy from Dream Doors?

Dream Doors™ provides the best pricing, service and quality - period!

Top 8 Reasons

Dream Doors™ is the only company to display over 50 designs in our showroom at 5220 Shad Road in Mandarin. A larger selection means more choices for you, and less likely your home will end up looking like your neighbor's.

Available Door Replacements

Although we are the company that pioneered the concept of installing decorative glass into your existing door, we were a door company long before that. If you need a complete door replacement, we custom build doors to a quality standard, giving your home optimum value through a more uniform, symmetrical fit. Surprisingly, most of our door packages are priced more reasonably than the big Home Improvement warehouse stores.

Exclusive Door and Glass Options

Dream Doors™ offers exclusive door glass designs and several door unit options, such as our "Operable Side Light Door Unit". Ask to see them when you visit a showroom. You'll be amazed at what Dream Doors™ does that others cannot offer!

Secure by Design

Dream Doors™ provides for your security by offering the following:

  • Optional double cylinder deadbolts with case harden bolt (key inside and out)
  • Vinyl door jambs that will not splinter and giveaway if door is kicked from outside (unlike wood jambs that will splinter and giveaway if door is kicked)
  • Tempered safety glass hard to break (like a car windshield)
  • Doors screwed together with 800lbs. sheer strength screws, not flimsy staples like most all other doors, stronger installation

Company-Trained Installers

All Dream Doors™ installers are company trained to our quality standards and have passed comprehensive background checks by BackgroundCheckVerify.com. Some of our installers have won awards for their excellent work. Our installers are compensated on how well you, the customer, are satisfied.

Two-Hour Appointment Window

Dream Doors™ will give you a two hour appointment window, as opposed to some who offer you "morning or afternoon" (if you're lucky!)

Convenient Mandarin Location to Serve You

Dream Doors™ has a showroom located in Mandarin at 5220 Shad Road.

Hurricane Impact Glass

Dream Doors™ is happy to provide the best solution by offering Hurricane impact glass in our door units.

Company Building Contractors

Dream Doors™ is a Certified Building Contractor. Recent changes to the Florida building codes now requires doors meet hurricane compliance. Additionally, all door units must have a permit on site before any installation work is done.

When we purchased our home there was an ugly set of builder grade sliding glass doors leading to the patio. Mike and the Dream Doors team came out and installed a beautiful set of French doors with a transom glass above. It completely transformed our home and gave it a nice modern look.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 / 5 stars

— Darrin Baxley Via Facebook

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