What is the Difference Between Casement Windows and Double-Hung Windows?

What is the Difference Between Casement Windows and Double-Hung Windows?


Windows do a lot more than just let in light. New windows are an excellent way to spruce up your home, add value, and increase your home's energy efficiency. If you're considering replacement windows, you might try deciding which type is best for your home. Casement windows and double-hung windows are two popular options that work for most houses. 

What is a casement window?

casement window swings wide open, much like a door. It has hinges on one side and a handle that you can turn to open the window toward the outside. These windows come in one piece and don’t have obstructive paneling, which makes for a beautiful, clear view outside.

What is a double-hung window?

double-hung window vertically slides up and down. These windows are two separate pieces called sashes. The sash on the bottom of the window slides up while the top part of the window can slide down, creating airflow in two places. This differs from traditional single-hung windows where the top sash doesn't move and only the bottom sash can be raised. 


How do I choose between casement windows and double-hung windows?

The good news is that either choice is a good one. Both types of windows are beautiful and fit almost any home's style. Casement windows have a sleek look with clean lines. If you like the look of a picture window with a large, single pane of glass, then casement windows are a perfect option. They can give you this same look with the benefit of being able to open. For a larger area, consider double casement windows. These are side-by-side casement windows that both open outward. Typically, they open from the farthest sides (rather than the center) to create a beautiful, symmetrical look. Picture a French door; double casement windows open in the same way. 

Another benefit is that casement windows are also perfect for spots that are difficult to reach, such as over the kitchen sink. The handle on the casement window makes it easy open. 

One difference between casement windows and double-hung windows is the placement of the screens. The screens on casement windows are on the interior, which means the glass protects the screens from the outdoor elements. Therefore, the screens can stay cleaner for a longer time. The screens on double-hung windows are placed on the exterior. 

When it comes to cleaning, each double-hung window sash can be tilted into the home so the exterior glass can be easily cleaned. This is nice no matter what home you have, but it is especially helpful if you live on a second or third story, making cleaning windows from the outside more difficult. When a casement window is open, you can also reach through and clean the outside glass from indoors. If you can't quite reach the exterior glass as well as you'd like, you might have to clean from the outside as well.

Both casement windows and double-hung windows are energy-efficient options that will add value to your house. Casement windows have an excellent seal, much like a door that fits nicely into a door frame. Latching the casement window makes the seal even more snug. Replacement casement or double-hung windows that have been appropriately installed create a tight seal with your house that prevents air from leaking. This will keep you comfortable when you're inside while also reducing your energy costs. 

Replacement windows will give your home a facelift on both the inside and the outside. The updated look will give your home's curb appeal and value a jolt while making your life easier. Replacement windows are created to be low maintenance. 

Whether your home's design is modern or classic, casement windows or double-hung windows are an excellent choice and one of the smartest home investments you can make. If you'd like to see beautiful window options in person, visit the Dream Doors and Windows Showroom in Jacksonville. You can also schedule a free consultation to see how Dream Doors and Windows can help you turn your vision into reality.