Checklist to Getting Your Doors and Windows Weather Ready

Checklist to Getting Your Doors and Windows Weather Ready


With hurricane season and winter weather fast approaching we know how important it is to maintain an energy-efficient (and safe) home and hurricane-proof front doors

If your windows and doors aren't fitted properly not only are they likely to let warm air out and cold air in but they won’t provide the safety you need through severe weather conditions.

Weatherproofing your windows and doors is an essential way to protect your home and by saving energy — put some extra dollars back into your wallet. 

Fortunately, there some are straightforward things you can do now to weatherproof your windows and doors.

Use Weatherstripping

One simple inexpensive fix to weatherproof your windows and doors is to seal drafty doors and windows by adding weatherstripping. 

By sealing any gaps, cracks, or open spaces in the area around your doors and windows you protect your home from outside conditions through the air being drawn through these gaps and openings. With properly fitted weatherstripping, you can seal these spaces with rubber, foam, or weather-stripping tape.

The benefit to weatherstripping is that it is inexpensive and a simple DIY job that can be completed over the course of a weekend. 

Install New Sweeps

Another quick solution that makes a world of a difference when weatherproofing your home is by replacing your exterior door sweeps.

Installing a new exterior door sweep will block out frigid air and prevent water leakage from coming into your home. 

Because the material your use on your door sweep needs to hold up to the elements there are many options to choose from. Less expensive materials may seem like a better option but may not hold up well over time. Consider slightly more expensive long-lasting materials that may be the better option.

Remember to evaluate the door you are adding a sweep to as entry doors vs garage doors differ greatly and may need different material options.

What materials you use depends on the space of the exterior door sweep, with various options for durable performance.

Add Layer Window Treatments

Even the most proficient and energy-efficient windows can be drafty letting outside elements into your house. 

An easily reversible solution that will keep you draft-free all winter would be to add layers to your windows.

Layering your window treatments by combining blinds, heavy drapes or even simple sheer curtains is an easy way to double-up installation and prevent cold air and the elements from entering.

Insulate Windows with Plastic

Similar to adding additional layers to your windows another step up is to cover your windows securely with plastic. 

Plastic window installation is an easy process that can be purchased as a kit at your local hardware store. Attach the plastic onto the window directly and affix with the provided double-sided tape. 

Once in place, shrink the plastic onto the window directly by heating the plastic with a hairdryer. You can also consider doubling this up for extra drafty windows. 

Attach an Additional Storm Door

Exterior front doors are prone to extra wear and tear causing them to be a weak spot for additional damages to your home through weather, the sun, rain, wind, and frequent usage.

If you are anticipating severe weather adding a storm door provides much-needed additional protection from the elements and provides an additional level of insulation from the excessive summer heat or wintery drafts. 

This option can add curb appeal as well! Typically made of wood, plastic, or aluminum there are several options to upgrade your outdated door and a storm door can enhance the look while giving you extra protection.

Replace Windows & Doors with Energy-Efficient Options

The unfortunate truth, the biggest culprit for the loss of heat throughout your home is outdated windows and doors. 

The US Department of Energy estimates energy deficiency doors and windows can increase your energy costs by 25-40%.

When it comes to severe weather, such as hurricanes and the like, better quality windows and doors can make all the difference to protect you from the possibly harmful elements.  

Consider that it may be time to replace your windows and doors for a more energy-efficient and quality upgraded option.

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