Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Entry Door

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Entry Door


When we think of our entry doors, we think of them as sturdy and robust. They keep the inside in and the outside out. They are the entryway to our home. When we get off work, we imagine walking through that door. 

Not only does it have a big impression on you, but it also has a big impression on anyone else who sees your home. The entry door is the centerpiece if the house is a frame.

But, as with everything else, your door will change over the years. The weather will take its toll, diminishing the brilliance of the outdoor aesthetic. Functionally, they change as well. They might start to stick. They might let a draft in. 

And while they last for a long time, you will eventually have to have an entry door replacement

Here, we’ll tell you all the signs to look out for, and when it might be time to consider buying a new front door.


1. Loose Hinges

At first, this is an easy fix. You simply take a screwdriver and tighten the door at the hinges. Unfortunately, the more you must do this, the more your door will wear down. Eventually, this will cause a security issue, which is probably when you want to consider a replacement. You also might consider a replacement if you must fix it often enough that it becomes a hassle.


2. Improper Opening and Shutting

You don’t want your front door entryway to be impeded by anything, especially a sticky front door. If you have a door that sticks when you open or close, that might be a sign that a new door is needed. 

When a door begins to stick, it is a sign that the weather has changed it. You might notice that it sticks during different seasons, but either way, you want to ensure you have a door that keeps the weather out but doesn’t keep you out.


3. It Looks Weathered

Not only is the entry door the first thing people will see when they see your home, but it is also a part of the home that takes the most abuse from mother nature. Of course, this will add up over time, and your front door will show signs of wear and tear. Yes, you can paint over it, but eventually, it will get to a point where it no longer functions properly.

One thing to consider is getting a panel door. Instead of one piece, these come in a few different pieces (depending on the door), and you will be able to get an exterior door panel replacement instead of replacing the whole door.  


4. It Becomes a Security Risk

Your door may become a security risk. Sometimes, when a door gets weathered and old, it will be a bigger problem than just how it looks.

For example, if your door has cracked, it is time to get a new one. If someone were intent on breaking into your home, they would be able to do so much easier with a severely cracked door. 


5. Water Damage

Once the seal is broken on your door and starts to take on water damage, it is time to say goodbye and get a new one. You can fix other problems with a door, but water damage is impossible to reverse and hard to keep at bay once it has started happening. 

If your door has water damage, you invite mold, rot, and insects into your home. Once that happens, you have much bigger problems than your front door. As is with many issues around the house, this is one that you want to stop before the damage can get too bad. 


6. Bills Go Up

Maybe you haven’t noticed anything wrong with your door, but you have noticed that your bills have started slowly going up. That could signify that your front door is losing some of its functionality. Your bills would blow up because your front door is letting air in and out of the home, which could be a problem in the summer or winter.

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