Summer is Here! How to Brighten and Refresh Your Rooms with More Windows

Summer is Here! How to Brighten and Refresh Your Rooms with More Windows


Summer is here, and that means lots of warmth, sunshine, and spending time outdoors. But you don't have to be outdoors to experience the beauty and light of summer. This time of year is the perfect time to brighten up your rooms with home window replacement to let all that summertime light in with 

Window replacement will not only brighten up your home, but it will also boost your home's value and increase the energy efficiency of your home. There are all types of window options to help you brighten up your space. Here are seven great options to consider:

1. Picture Windows

Picture windows are made of one big pane of glass and they make a big impact. While they don't open, they are great for providing a view. If you have a spot that doesn't really need the option of extra airflow, then picture windows might be a perfect choice. They can easily make your rooms look larger while letting in the sunshine. 

2. Casement Windows

Casement windows look sleek and have clean lines. If you like the look of a picture window with a large, single pane of glass, then casement windows are a fabulous option. They can give you the same look as a picture window, but with the benefit of being able to open and let in a breeze. Casement windows are also ideal for places that are hard to reach, such as above the kitchen sink. It is easy to reach the handle that opens the casement window, which is super convenient.

3. Awning Windows

Think of a casement window but on its side. Awning windows open on hinges just like casement windows. But instead of having the hinges on the side, the hinges are on the top, so the window opens like an awning, hence their name. 

4. Bay Windows

Bay windows can brighten up a room in a big way by accenting a room or being its centerpiece. A bay window is created from three separate windows extending beyond your exterior wall. A picture window in the middle is flanked on both sides by another type of window, typically a casement or double-hung window. The two side windows are angled, creating a flat surface space. This space can be used for anything from a display area to a fun window seat. 

5. Bow Windows

Bow windows are somewhat similar to the bay window. The bow window creates a rounded shape using several of the same styles of windows in a row to create a subtle curve. As its name implies, the result is a window with a bowed appearance. The bow window lets in a lot of light and creates a spectacular view. 

6. Double-Hung Windows

double-hung window is a beautiful, traditional way to let in the light. These windows are made of two separate pieces called sashes. The bottom sash of the window slides up while the top part of the window can slide down, creating ventilation in two spots. Both sashes of the double-hung windows also tilt inward to make cleaning super easy. 

7. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a fun way to add light and airflow to any room in your home. Just like a smaller version of a sliding glass door, sliding windows open side-to-side. 

What is the Average Cost to Replace Windows?

The average cost for home window replacement depends on several different things. The size of your windows is one factor, while the materials and style that you choose are another. Are you adding additional windows (and not just replacing ones that previously existed)? If so, that's going to factor into the price. The good news is that the price tag will include both the window itself as well as high-quality professional installation.

Home window replacement is an investment, but it pays off. If you find yourself Googling "window replacement near me," come on in and visit our showroom to look at all your options today. We have both the products and the expertise you need to get your home window replacement job done.