Does Your Front Door Need to Be Replaced?

Does Your Front Door Need to Be Replaced?


The first impression people have of your home is often judged by your front door. The right one can make a statement and the wrong one can send the wrong message. And what about functionality? The purpose of your front door is to keep unwanted people, noise, weather, and more out. If it’s not welcoming others or appealing to the eye, it may be time for a replacement.

There are obvious signs, like damaged locks or holes. But sometimes the signs your door needs to be replaced aren’t as obvious. Here is how to know your front door may need a replacement.

Signs Your Front Door Needs to Be Replaced

1. You feel air coming through the side of your door

Do you find yourself stuffing a towel beneath your door frame? If you can feel a draft, you’re probably losing air and energy in your home — costing you money in the long run. 

However, it may not be a noticeable draft. Hold a flame near your door’s edges and pay attention to which way it sways. This is one way to test if your door is leaking air. Energy efficiency includes your doors — not just your windows. What’s the point of air conditioning if it’s escaping through the front door? This is a telltale sign it is time to invest in a new door. Trust us; the investment will pay off.

2. Loose door hinges

Another sign you may need a door replacement is the condition of your door’s hinges. If you notice your hinges are wobbly or falling off the frame, it’s time for a replacement. Loose door hinges can be dangerous as it makes your door weaker and easier for people to kick it in. Prevent break-ins by ensuring your door hinges are sturdy and in good condition. 

3. Broken door lock

The most obvious sign is a broken door lock. If your door won’t lock properly or is visibly damaged, it is crucial you replace it.

4. Sticking

A less obvious sign your door needs a replacement is if it tends to be sticky. If your door is difficult to close in the winter and easy to move in the summer, this is a key sign your door needs replacing. This often means air is leaking somewhere. 

5. Rust, splitting, or other apparent damage

Other obvious signs include visible damage. It happens. Rust builds up over time and can cause wooden doors to spilt. Doorways take a beating. We use them often. If the hinges are rusting, light is shining through, or you feel a breeze through a crack, your door may need replacing.

6. Moisture on the glass panes

Another sign your door needs to be replaced is if you see moisture in between your glass panes. When there’s wetness on the sidelights of your door, this means air could be leaking through. The mix of temperatures creates moisture buildup on your windowpanes. Sealing these leaks could fix the problem, but if not, a new door may be the next best option. 

Ensure your door is structurally sound by inspecting it closely. Buying a new front door can be expensive, but so is losing money due to an inefficient door. If your energy bills keep climbing, it may be because of an issue listed above.

Here at Dream Doors and Windows, we want to help you figure out if your door needs replacing or a quick repair as well as provide you with experts who can get the job done. If you are looking for a new door, we have endless options, from materials to styles. See our selection to make the best choice.