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Patio Doors: Sliding vs. French

November 10, 2016

When choosing a new back door for your patio the two most common options people decide between are sliding glass or French doors. Each style of doors has its pros and cons. We’ll review them here to help you make an informed decision.

Sliding Glass Patio Doors: A very popular choice in most Jacksonville homes, the biggest benefit of these doors is that they are a space-saver. Unlike a French door which opens inside or outside of your home, the sliding glass door stays along the frame of the wall and never gets in your way. Many higher-end models even feature built-in blinds providing instant privacy. Sliding glass doors are also far less expensive than French patio doors. The downside here is a lack of style choices. Many homes with a more classic style will not look as nice with a sliding glass door installed.

French Patio Doors: Providing a beautiful, classic look, French patio doors are an elegant addition to most home designs. They have two big advantages over sliding glass doors. First of all, with the option to open both doors, moving furniture in and out of the home is far easier. Plus if you have a screened in patio, opening both doors instantly expands your living space when entertaining company. Their other big advantage is a lower threshold as they lack a track to slide on. This is great for people who may trip over a track. The biggest drawback of French doors is the amount of space they take to open and close. This makes them a better choice for larger houses. Also remember, as they work similarly to standard doors, they are more susceptible to shifting as your foundation settles.

At the end of the day the decision will come down to personal preference, budget, and what is sensible for your home layout.