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Make Sure Your Front Door Is Ready for the Holidays

November 9, 2017

We often talk about how important your front door can be for street appeal. Those conversations are typically related to increasing the perceived value for a home that is for sale. After all, a bad front door isn't a welcoming sight. Fortunately, the holiday season gives everyone a chance to add his or her creative touch to their home's entrance. Moreover, for the over-achiever, you have multiple opportunities with Thanksgiving and Christmas on your calendar.

For many people, the holidays would not be complete without colorful lights and glittering ornaments. But, decorating your entrance doesn't have to include using pumpkins leftover from Halloween or the pile of Christmas glitter that didn't fit on the tree. Here's a few ideas that might spark your creativity:

  • Festive Wreaths - These traditional door decorations can add a seasonal touch as a standalone decoration or a centerpiece to work around. With a ring of grapevine for a base, you can add textures and colors with burlap, yarn, flowers, etc.
  • Pine Needle Garlands - Spruce or pine needle tops offer a woodsy touch, especially when used with green or opened pine cones. Plus, the cedar-like fragrance adds to the statement of any door framed with natural greenery.
  • Lit Door & Entrance - You can make the holiday season magical at night with a simple but festive lighting schemes. If you have decorative glass, glass side panels or transom, backlighting can illuminate your entranceway with warmth and color.
  • Wrapped Doors - The rectangular nature of a front door makes for an easy transition to a six-foot tall gift box. Some broad chiffon ribbon, a few sprigs of holly, a couple of shiny ornaments or bells and everyone will want to open your door.

With a little imagination and a few self-sticking hooks, you can create a show-stopping entrance that reminds passers-by and your special guests that the season is upon us.

If you really don't like your front door, instead of wasting time on decorations consider a Door Makeover of your existing door or stop by the DreamDoors showroom to pick out your special present for the Holidays.