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Your Home's Back Door Needs Love Too

June 13, 2018

There is always a lot of chatter about replacing a home's front door with a custom built decorative door. In fact, many of the annual home remodeling reviews list refurbishing of the front door among the most cost-effective projects for improving a home's curb appeal and subsequently its overall value. Although not as much fun as splashing in a new backyard pool, investing in a door touchup, change of door color, new glass installation, or stylish hardware can make a rear entrance pop. In addition to upgrading your home's look, you can also reduce monthly energy costs by installing more efficient glass as well as new weather stripping.

Aside from making the rear of your home appear more appealing, your back door sets the tone for your backyard aesthetics. Three (3) popular styles of back doors include:

  • Sliding Patio Door - A sliding patio door provides a great spacing option. Large double panes of glass allow for an unobstructed view of the back patio, garden or pool. In addition, a screen door can be used on one side to provide a large opening for a pleasant breeze on fair-weather days.
  • Double French Doors - French doors add a touch of elegance to back of a home and can be installed to open into a room or onto a patio or deck. French doors have a style that can compliment any architecture. Not only do they allow for a dramatic design statement, French doors provide for excellent ventilation.
  • Folding Patio Doors - Folding doors can accommodate a wide opening to allow your kitchen, den, dining room or master bedroom to flow into the backyard or patio area. Some installations include multiple sets of hinged double French doors, where others use according-style glass doors that push back out of the way.

A home's back door traditionally sees the most traffic after move-in, as it is a second portal for accessing your home's interior. Moreover, if you live in an area of the country where you enjoy unseasonably warm weather, your deck, patio, pool, and backyard are ideal to use year round for entertaining and spending time outdoors. If you are not sure of the style or materials that would work best for you, call our office or stop by our showroom. We are always happy to help.