When it comes to game-changing renovations that instantly alter the state of your entryway, front door replacements are a relatively easy way to create an impact. If you’re looking to remain current with the most popular front door trends, 2023 is making that easy by showcasing a variety of different styles—one or more of which should pique your interest as a possible option for your home!

If you don’t have the add-ons and accessories to take full advantage of your chosen trend’s inherent personality, that just means it’s time to update your home’s front façade—and your curb appeal along with it. So, if you’re looking for a front door refresh, it’s time to choose the right door and accessory combination to make you fall in love with your home all over again.


Near the end of the 20th century, the idea that human beings are inherently drawn to nature started to gain a foothold in the home design space. Today, that tenant manifests itself in the form of natural materials, integrated indoor and outdoor plant life, and an expert use of natural light to illuminate indoor spaces. Glass front doors can play a big part in establishing this sort of connection with the outside world by providing ample light to indoor entryways and unobstructed viewing from inside a house to its front porch and beyond.

Glass doors can come in a variety of configurations that switch up the ratio between glass and other components. This lets a homeowner adjust the amount of natural light that’ll enter the home while also adding some customization to their front door. Plastpro’s Onelite Series presents different glass placement options that either add subtle wood style paneling for a touch of classic door design or give the glass room to breathe and turn the door into a true statement piece. The other glass-centric line of products from Plastpro, the Nova Series of doors, positions glass as the center of attention.

Doorlites are another great way to incorporate the glass trend into your new or existing front door. Doorlites are decorative glass pieces that’ll each allow varying amounts of natural light into your indoor living space thanks to their various artistic features. Some doorlites include glass pieces that differ in tints and hues, while others are treated and textured to create a specific uniform look.

In addition to its place inside a door, glass can be used around the exterior entryway to allow for even more visibility and sunlight. This objective overuse of a building material to create over-the-top statements in home design can be referred to as maximalism—this aesthetic approach is picking up its share of supporters who believe there are no limits other than the amount of space you have to work with.

The first option, sidelights, are thin horizontal runs of glass that flank either side of a door. The second, a transom window, is named after the specific name for a support beam that runs above a door or window. This is a large, normally ornate window fixture that’s placed directly above a doorway.

Even if you choose to include glass in and around your door, you have options that help regulate the impact the outside has on your indoor light and temperature. Low-E Glass, or low emissivity glass, will allow less light in and protect the indoors from some of the heat brought inside by high sunlight. The tradeoff is that this glass features a subtle yet noticeable blue tint, possibly impacting the clean, colorless look homeowners are usually looking for when they incorporate glass into their entryway.


The utilization of rustic and craftsman home design isn’t unlike the appeal of utilizing our own space to establish a closer relationship with nature. The rustic approach applies rich hues and the appearance of raw, untreated natural materials to create a lived in and welcoming look, while the craftsman philosophy states that building materials and décor be derived from what nature provides in the immediate area surrounding a home. 

Rustic doors will often come in deep, earthy wooden tones that make an immediate statement and provide a number of other ideal options for your outdoor refresh. If you install one of these doors, you may want to consider darkening the color of the paint or siding around your exterior entryway to make this new addition to your home really stand out.

Adding wooden accessories or design features that match the stain of the door is also a great way to turn a doorway into a welcoming gesture that invites guests to not just visit your living space—they’re also there to experience it.

While craftsman doors are adjacent to rustic doors in their focus on form derived from specific materials, the form taken by a craftsman door is cleaner cut and tidier than the rustic look. This matches the natural-yet-refined look of the craftsman home itself.

Craftsman doors usually feature panels, where rustic doors usually get their visual variance from planking. Craftsman doors can feature glass inserts, but rustic doors usually don’t. However, despite their differences, craftsman doors can carry those same earthy tones while supplying a more manmade look for when rustic just doesn’t fit the established look of a home.


Today’s homeowner is more conscious of their home’s impact on the environment. Whether that’s due to a green mindset or the monthly utility bill, both motivating factors end with the same result: each door that acts as an entryway into the home will become more energy efficient and sustainable. Green isn’t just one of the latest front door trends or a hot new door trend for 2023—it’s a lifestyle choice that’s been on people’s minds for a while and it means doors that make your home greener are and will always be in style.

Plastpro’s fiberglass doors offer prolonged sustainability with a long-lasting life cycle compared to doors made with other materials. They’re also better at retaining heat than wood or metal, don’t contain volatile compounds and require less resources for manufacturing.


Moulding is essentially trim for your door—an outline or exaggerated frame that adds color and definition to the door and allows you to further customize your exterior and interior entryways.

Certain types of moulding are made to specifically match certain kinds of building materials, with a moulding’s stylized accents, shapes, and colors tailored to properly accentuate everything from brick to storm doors. Plastpro’s moulding options are broken down online, with each’s specified purpose listed clearly on its product page. However, always remember that it’s your home and you always have the final say on what looks good enough to be part of your overall vision.


Another great way to add some personality to a door is with iron accessories. Iron’s unique, raw-looking texture gives it a natural appearance that pairs perfectly with rustic doors, and Plastpro’s door accessories include a few different options that can be mixed and matched to meet any desired look.

Hinge straps usually feature on doors that are equipped with self-closing hinges, but the look of these straps is so popular with homeowners that decorative hinge straps can be purchased and affixed to any door. Speakeasies carry a name derived from the clandestine nightlife joints of the Prohibition era, but a century later, these door accessories add personality whether they’re functional or not. Finally, clavos are essentially decorative nails featuring heads that are formed into a number of shapes and sizes.

These metal accessories aren’t just useful on exterior doors, either. One of the newest trends for indoor living brings nature inside with repurposed furniture and decorations made from sustainably sourced wood and other natural materials. A new trend for interior doors sees those doorways becoming larger to add to a home’s natural flow, so equipping those doors with natural-looking accessories like iron hinge straps and clavos will help tie them into the latest styles.


As far as trends go, fiberglass doors are beginning to become an evergreen option for modern homeowners. Plastpro’s door offerings are largely customizable, so they can fit a number of pre-existing door frames. They also come in a number of different textures, stains, and aesthetics, allowing homeowners with dwellings of any style or age to opt for this newer material option. That’s a good thing, too, because while many fiberglass doors are styled to resemble wooden doors, they’re longer lasting, cheaper to maintain and more energy efficient than doors made of wood. 


If you’re taking front door trends into consideration, fiberglass is probably still an option for you. As previously stated, one of the strongest features of Plastpro’s fiberglass door catalog is its versatility. Add that to the sustainability perks brought into your home with fiberglass door installation and this door material can help you stay in line with multiple trends at once.

Trend isn’t the only thing you should take into account when picking a new front door though. The impact of a sustainable door on your wallet over time can’t be understated, while a door’s ability to keep you and your family safe is also probably high on your new door wish list. Luckily, fiberglass doors are impact resistant and aren’t usually prone to the warping or peeling that will compromise the integrity of a wooden door.


With door styles, materials and accessories that’ll keep you on trend while giving you confidence that you’re making smart decisions for your family and your home, Plastpro is positioned to help keep you happy with your home’s exterior entryway. Contact Dream Doors and Windows to get started on your remodel or replacement.