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French Doors Jacksonville

Dream Doors™ specializes in creating beautiful French doors to replace those drafty and less secure sliding glass doors most builders provide as standard. In Jacksonville, French doors can make or break the look of your new patio or screened porch. Whether you're renovating exterior double doors or interior doors leading into your study, one option is to replace the old doors with the same builder's grade low-price entry doors the developer originally picked for you. However, this is may not be as simple as it seems. Less expensive doors almost always have excessive reveals between the door slab and the jamb itself. Over time, these gaps allow double doors to sag in the frame causing the doors to rub or stick as they are opened and closed.

Door manufacturers and millworks often use inferior products to attain a lower price point for their builder's grade doors (learn more). Sometimes, low-grade exterior doors use hardware components that are stamped out from thin metals with an anodized or painted finish. Additionally, the weather stripping used to seal the door and the door slab will be a lesser grade of material causing the doors to let outside air in and inside air out. If you live in a humid climate and the original door installation used an aluminum threshold affixed to a wood support plate, you are likely already experiencing wood rot which is an attractive food source for termites or wood ants.

Dream Doors™ provides homeowners with lots of options for replacing their existing French doors or installing new handcrafted exterior glass doors. Our drive up, on-site door remodeling services allow you to select the decorative glass that reflects your taste and complements your home's best architectural features. It's that simple — "Your Door - Our Glass" — and you get the door of your dreams!

French doors with clear tempered insulated glass, internal or external grids, raise and lower privacy blinds or even some type of decorative glass can be yours for the asking! Dream Doors™ builds your custom French doors to perform any way you want. In swing or out swing, with or without side lights, hinged in the center; it's your choice.

If you currently have single or double French doors and want to add privacy (such as a pool-to-bathroom entry door), Dream Doors™ can change the existing glass with an internal raise and lower privacy blind that never needs dusting.

If you would like to learn more about our door renovations, you can use our website's convenient Contact Us form for a prompt email response, or call today at (904) 880-7778 to speak directly with our service representative.

Visit our convenient showroom in Mandarin to see what true elegance and value a genuine Dream Doors™ French Door can bring to your home!

Thank you to the professional staff at Dream Doors. I showed them a copy on my plans for my new addition and they new exactly how to make them fit in with our new design. Most people really love the beauty of the doors, but I love the thing you can't see about these beautiful doors. What I am talking about is all of the safety features incorporated into the design and build of each door. These doors with the unbreakable glass will send intruders along their way without any of your belongings. These doors keep my family and house safe. I love my Dream Doors. You should give the professionals at Dream Doors the opportunity to make your house both beautiful and safe. Thanks again, Dream Doors.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 / 5 stars

— James A Farris Via Facebook