During hurricanes, most catastrophic damage is caused by wind-blown debris such as road signs, trees, and roof tiles. These materials penetrate windows and doors, allowing the wind to enter your home and exert tremendous forces that can flatten your entire house.

And even if the walls and roof remain intact, the broken windows and doors result in unimaginable rain damage to your home’s interior. So, what are the best windows to withstand the force of hurricanes in Florida?

The short answer is: Impact windows. They’re made from unique materials and have the strength to withstand hurricane winds with speeds as high as 200 miles per hour. But how do you tell that an impact window is better than another? Is it quality, durability, or testing? Let’sLet’s find out.

To help you make an informed choice, here are some guidelines:

Is the window laminated? The reflection test is a simple way to tell if a window is laminated. You need to place your hand or an object in front of the glass. If you see several reflections, then the window is laminated. Or, to put it differently, the impact window is made up of two or more glass panes bonded together.
Is there a permanent marking at the corner of the window? This will include the window’s window’s specifications, such as the thickness of the glass, the safety standards the glass meets, the date the hurricane window was manufactured, and the supplier’s supplier’s name.
Is the window designed for hurricane conditions in your locality? Check that the ratings and numbers on the window label correlate with Florida’s Florida’s building code standards and your neighborhood’s requirements.

Word of caution: Please remember there’s a difference between hurricane-rated windows and hurricane approved windows. A hurricane-rated window is just marketing speak and doesn’t necessarily have to be an impact window. On the other hand, a storm-approved window is designed to withstand extreme wind speeds and protect against wind-borne debris.

These windows come from various manufacturers and are produced in different colors and styles. The popular ones are:

Single hung windows

This is the most cost-effective option and ideal for standard-sized openings. Also, single hung hurricane windows are easy to install and don’t require additional hardware like hinges or brackets. The top part remains stationary for this window while the lower sash slides up and down.

Double hung windows
Here the glass opens from both the top and the bottom. In other words, you slide down to open the top pane and slide up to open the lower pane. Homeowners prefer double-hung windows because they enhance airflow and improve energy efficiency.

Roller/sliding windows
Generally, sliding windows have two distinct panes that slide on a track to open. Also, roller windows are easy to use, give rooms a sophisticated look, and let in a warm breeze from the outside.

Here are some of the factors that should convince you to choose these windows:

Peace of mind. You don’t have to spend hours nailing plywood or cardboard onto your home’s windows in the hope it will be enough to withstand a hurricane impact. By installing impact windows, you’ll be relaxed because you know your family and home are protected.
An extra layer of security. The impact-resistant glass makes it impossible to break in.
Noise reduction. The windows minimize external noises hence enhancing tranquility inside your home.
Improved aesthetics. Impact windows can reinforce your house’s curb appeal because they’re available in different styles. Additionally, the windows are designed to live up to the expectations of the modern-day home buyer.
Minimal change to your home’s structural layout. You don’t need to undertake significant renovations to install hurricane approved windows.

Hurricanes are inevitable, and it’s essential to be prepared and protect your family and house from Florida’s Florida’s turbulent weather. And one more thing.

If all the above information is overwhelming, don’t worry. A professional window installer knows the exact conditions that the various window ratings can withstand. Even better, a specialist can make personalized recommendations for your home’s required and desired safety levels.

If you’d like to see our stylish hurricane proof replacement windows in person, visit the Dream Doors and Windows Showroom in Jacksonville. You can also schedule a free consultation to see how we can help you turn your vision into reality.