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Visualize Your Door


Do I Need New Glass

If you would like to see a picture of your door with a Dream Doors and Windows decorative glass installed into it, before you even make a purchase, we have just the thing for you!

Simply take a picture of your door with a digital camera and save the image to your computer, then come back and fill out the form below. The last step allows you to upload a photo of your door. Acceptable file formats: .JPG or .JPEG

For Best Photo:

  • Use a high pixel digital camera or cell phone (if possible).
  • Remove all objects from in front blocking the door, such as plants or furniture.
  • Stand back at least 20 feet and get a picture of the whole door and the front of your house.
  • Make sure picture is taken straight on, without tilts, square as possible.

Then fill out the form below (including uploading your photo), email your photo to, or bring a copy with you to the showroom.

How great is that? Only at Dream Doors and Windows!

Send a Pic of Your Door

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If you are like most folks, home improvement projects offer the excitement of experiencing enjoyable new home amenities. But this same excitement often gives way to worry and concern about how to get the most value from the home improvement experience and products.

The replacement of doors offers the same challenges. People usually do not have much need to replace doors often. Therefore, knowledge and information of doors can be scarce.

This information guide hopefully will help you to determine how to shop for and purchase entry doors, in particular, decorative entry doors. In fact, this guide will help whether you are purchasing decorative glass to be installed into your existing door, or if you are replacing the whole door unit. Let's begin!

Send a Pic of Your Door

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